GC&C Clients

Public Speakers, Coaches & Transformation Experts

Get more information about clients represented by Girl Code & Content. They are available for business training and motivational speeches/presentations. They are also open to individual sessions. Just tell me your needs and I can arrange and coordinate meetings.

Trina Limpert

Trina Limpert

RizeNext CEO & Founder

In 2018 Trina founded RizeNext, a technical and professional development company to consult companies on how to best engage their diverse workforce in order to deliver growth & profitability success.  Her personal mission for the last twenty-five years has been to create awareness of the benefits for women in technology careers. 

James P. Gustason


Mindset Expert, Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotist

James is a Certified Hypnotist specializing in Limitless Transformational Change. Limitless Transformation is the process by which anyone can find the solutions and desired outcome they currently only dream about. With more than 500 hours of extensive training coaching, in hypnosis and neurological change processes, James has the techniques which will allow you to achieve your desired outcome.

Christine Lavulo

Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Christine is an enthusiastic leader of people. She brings inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to all she meets. As a certified trainer of Canfield Success Principles, she loves empowering people to take charge of their experiences to create their best lives. She is also an Amazon Best-Selling Author!

Becky Sampson

Int'l Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Becky is a genuine speaker. Her goal is to entertain while educating. She helps organizations improve quality and satisfaction by creating greater employee engagement, productivity, and increased profits. Her one-on-one coaching offers "hope, optimism, and courage."