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It can be overwhelming when you start a business and offer services and products on the digital landscape with potentially thousands of competitors offering something similar.


Standing out with value only you can provide is what Girl Code & Content aims to achieve. Allow me to lighten your burden. I can build your website with SEO, assist with your social media management, and spread the word to media outlets about your services. 


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Website Development, Design & Hosting

A basic 5-page website starts at $600. Images are $10 each. Any written content is .50 per word. Hosting is $80/year. Domain names are $5.95/mo.

Writing Services & Content Creation

The rate is .50 per word. For example, a 500-word blog is $250. Any content creation is billed at $45/hour. Graphic design & logo creation is outsourced. Additional charges will apply.

Public & Media Relations

The rate is $45/hour. A press release is $250. Any video production and editing may be provided in collaboration with partners. Crisis communications, DEI training, and strategy may also be provided with business partners. Additional charges may apply. 

Social Media Management

Developing a strategy by selecting the right platforms for your business is key to appealing to your target audience. Content creation and management is $45/hour.

Video Production

Video is vital! A business needs video for various platforms and for myriad reasons that include promotion and brand awareness. Charges vary and are set in collaboration with business partner.

Epype & Digital Marketing

SMS Video Landing Pages with *epype is my favorite way to start a digital marketing strategy. I can give you a FREE demo! Prices range from $49/month to $1,199/mo. A customized marketing plan is $45/hour. (*10% off with NEW OFFER doesn't apply with this service.) 

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Free Consultation


Let's talk first and find out if Girl Code & Content is a fit for your needs, what the scope of your project entails, and your timeline.

  • Takes only 30 minutes

  • Give full details

  • Set your budget

Website Hosting

$80 / Year

Do you need a hosting service for your website? I can also help with a domain name for an additional fee of $5.95/mo.

  • SSL Certificate included

  • Sub-domain assistance

  • Technical support available


New Offer

When signing a contract, make sure to initial NEW OFFER so you get 10% off simply for agreeing to use Girl Code & Content services.

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Can you customize a website with code ?

Yes. Rates range from $5,000 to $35,000 depending on the size of the website. Quick turn-around is not an option. Realistic timeline requested. Partner involvement may also be required from World Tech Academy and potentially tech teams outside of the United States.

Do you offer ghost writing ?

Yes. Rate is .50 per word and includes self-publishing assistance. Editing and pitching to publishers are outsourced. Realistic timeline requested.

Do you offer video production ?

Yes - sort of. All video production is outsourced to Girl Code & Content partner, Napela Productions. Rates are set by Napela.

Do you offer traditional PR services ?

Yes. Placement in radio/television/print capacities with any additional campaign strategy & implementation is offered. Large-scale press management and crisis communications provided by Girl Code & Content partner, Snapp Conner PR.

Will you be my website administrator ?

Yes. I require a $400 retainer and charge a $400 monthly fee to make changes, write content, and perform basic website care including updates, security, backups, etc.

Can you teach me to build a website?

Yes - sort of. WordPress, front-end development and other training is provided by Girl Code & Content partner, World Tech Academy. Rates are set by WTA.